Get to know Social NPS

Customer satisfaction metrics, from spontaneuos comments on the Internet.

After many studies and market experience with Internet research for leading brands, Postmetria decided to innovate, proposing Social NPS. This new KPI identifies the SPONTANEOUS recommendation REASONS AND INDEXES of your brand. That is, it scientifically establishes a score that identifies the recommendation and satisfaction level from a comment posted on the Internet. Up until now, this could only be reached from the "Definitive Question".

The secret lies in the application of our inteligence to:

  • Algorithms that automaticaly identify the grades and index recomendation zones. (Grade -100 to 100; Critical Zone, Improvement, Quality or Excelence).
  • Our network of crowdsourced analysts, called Postmetristas.
  • Use of established frameworks in the area of business management in our deliveries.

All of them generate strategic knowledge about non-structured spontaneous content on the Internet (comments in text, image and video).

The Postmetria Software is the first NPS monitoring web platform from spontaneous comments on the Internet.

Mean deliveries

Social NPS

NPS - Net Promoter Score - is a KPI that measures the client´s satisfaction, loyalty and recommendation level. It is a metric that traditionally asks: "What is the probability that you will recommend our company to a friend?". The punctuation is based on an answer scale from 0 to 10 and on NPS formula: % of Promoters - % of Detractors.

Social NPS identifies the SPONTANEOUS recommendation REASONS AND INDEXES of your brand. That is, it scientifically establishes a score that identifies the recommendation and satisfaction level from a comment posted on the Internet. Until now, this could only be reached from the "Definitive Question".

Social NPS Bottom-Up

Bottom-Up analysis is a detailing where SOCIAL NPS evaluates questions at a more operational level than Brand, Product, or Competition. And it shows which Internet comments pointed the most that the company would be in Critical, Improvement, Quality or Excelence Zones in terms of satisfaction. The analysis of those categories is interesting, since it is the information that leads directly to the company´s department structure and since it is monitored and communicated to the employees, it can serve as an engagement element to change process and continuous improvement.

Consumption Archetype

An important innovation from Postmetria is the identification of the clients´s psycho-marketing profile, through the classification of Consumption Archetypes.

The 12 Archetypes addressed in the Postmetria Method classification, were defined by Margaret Mark and Carol Pearson (2001), in the book "The Hero and the Outlaw - Building Extraordinary Brands Through the Power of Archetypes".


create something new. Eg: Google;
help others. Eg: Patagonia;
exert control. Eg:American Express;
Hhve Fun. Eg:Budweiser;
being fine the way they are - Eg:Hering;
Find and give love. Eg: Victoria´s Secret;
act bravely. Eg:Nike;
Brake the rules. Eg: Harley‐Davidson;
Influence Transformation. Eg: TEDx;;
Keep or renew faith. Eg:Pampers;
Keep the independence. Eg: Levi´s;
Understand the world they live in. Eg: Discovery;

Spontaneous SWOT

The Postmetria Method generates deeper qualitative and quantitative results that are of practical use to corporate strategy. It is a Spontaneous SWOT, from the analysis of the Internet´s spontaneous content(posts/comments).

It means: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities e Threats (SWOT).

The analysis(or SWOT Matrix) - was developed in the 1960´s by Albert Humphrey at Stanford University using a method that was quickly adopted by all leading companies in the world in the formulation of their strategies.

Scattered comments, posted randomly by consumers on social media across many collaborative sites, allow-from praises, complaints, debates and information, among others- feed the Postmetria Method Algorithm that identifies the reference items and defines the Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat quadrant by articulating with the speaking profile, environment and mode of speech (post) which Internet posts point out about the Brand´s Market

Mapa de palavras

The Word Map is a deliverable related to the analysis and hierarchization of texts. It considers many information segments contained in our databases, which were collected on each monitoring. It presents a call "Word Clouds" which make it easy to visualize the terms most often used in comments from Internet users. That gives the opportunity to obtain many insights from context!

PESTAL Analysis

The PESTAL Matrix is a macroenvironment analysis that agregates information about Political, Economical, Context, Social, Technological, Environment and Legal contexts. It has a logic that focus on the company´s improvement of strategical management.

It is an essential tool for the analysis of the company´s market entry, or for the re-analysis of existing company´s positioning. It is based on factors that are external to the company which can influence it directly or indirectly.

It is a depth investigation divided into the aforementioned categories which -in the case of our SOCIAL NPS deliverables- uses the spontaneous comment from the Internet as input. Such categories or factors cannot be considered as static elements, but as dynamic forces in continuous alternation. That is why they also deserve a continuous monitoring! Their goal is to supply a report related to the many macro environments that must be taken into consideration by the company. It is a strategic tool which is useful to understand the rise and fall of markets, their position, commercial potential and orientation towards operations.

NPS Thinking consultancy

After mapping the client Recommendation and Satisfaction context as well as its strategic business information, we are ready to start the knowledge execution moment. We call this approach to the client´s market, NPS Thinking Consultancy. Looking for a methodological approach to the Design Thinking process, this consultancy proposes an executive line focused on solutions to problems related to the value propostion, as perceived by the market.

What: Consultancy for consolidation of the Value Proposition. Support the execution and management of acquired knowledge.


  • Detailing of and support to overcoming the critical indexes, as well as maintaining the points of excellence in the client´s satisfaction and recommendation.
  • Strategic matrix of disruptive environments.
  • Consumption Tendency and Unique Value Proposition to the market.

Become a Postmetria partner

  • Communication and marketing agencies

    If you are a Communication Agency(advertising, public relations, marketing, press, etc.) add intelligence to the planning of your campaigns, obtaining higher scientific background for your strategies and sale processes, post-sale, client relationship and for launching new products.

  • Research companies

    If you are a market Research Company, add Internet and social media data to the services delivered to the client. Demonstrate how updated and professional you are, adding a low cost technological input to your operational process, supporting it with behavioral diagnostics of Internet users in order to increase your client´s market share.

  • Business associations

    Help your associates improve their products, using their consumer´s opinions expressed in social media, obtaining deeper insights about their business. By using a very practical and accessible methodology, generate real benefits and new income sources to your institutions.

  • E-Commerce developers

    Before or after launching your clients´s e-commerce stores, tell them how to know their future consumers profile, their preferences regarding their maerket segment, and help your clients antecipate marketing strategies and CS 2.0(Customer Service) routines through research or behavioral observation.